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What is Online Staffing Software?

Staffing Software offers the ability to acquire staff for a business through recruitment. This simplifies the recruitment process because all of the candidate informations is kept in one centralised database. Staffing Software allows you to manage your front and back office recruitment easily.

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Crelate Talent

Recruiting Software for Agencies

Crelate is an all-in-one recruiting software solution built for staffing, recruiting and consulting agencies. By combining sales and applicant tracking pipeline management in a single solution, growing businesses can keep recruiting and sales teams on the same page. Learn more about Crelate Talent.

18 Employees
2 Reviews
2,042 Tweets

Staffing Software

For over a decade, Avionté has been providing innovative, fully-integrated front and back office staffing software solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. With a strong focus on building great partnerships along with leading solutions, Avionté services over 550.. Learn more about Avionte.

179 Employees
1 Review
5,985 Tweets
Tempworks Software

Staffing Software

Founded more than 20 years ago and headquartered in Minnesota, TempWorks Software® has grown from a start-up to an independent premier provider of staffing software solutions and payroll services for temporary staffing and recruiting companies nationwide. From online.. Learn more about Tempworks Software.

136 Employees
11 Reviews
1,843 Tweets

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