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22 August 2013

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Friday, August 23, 2013

I have been consulting on QuickBooks for about 15 years. The more that I consult with clients on QuickBooks, the more that I am finding that I need to let QuickBooks do the accounting and other systems do the business work flow. Method CRM allows me to bring the whole package to my clients.
When we started introducing Method CRM to our clients, it really opened their eyes to being able to have integrated systems and not having to duplicate their efforts. Method CRM has a flawless two way sync engine that will update the customer information in either system. With this we have been able to tailor the system for the things that their employees needed to see. Being able to customize Method CRM has opened doors for us that were impossible to do just with QuickBooks alone. QuickBooks along with Method CRM is definitely a winning combination.
It is amazing how we can help our clients with all of their business needs.

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