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What is Online Help Desk Software?

Online Help Desk Software provides a simple customer support solution for a company or business. Having solid help desk software dramatically improves how a company can interact and engage with their user base and provide a dynamic and effective service in providing help and collecting customer feedback. The Help Desk Software here is offered under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, meaning that the software is web based, hosted on the Cloud and can be accessed when needed through a client or web browser. If you’re looking for similar online software like Help Desk Software, consider our Feedback Management or CRM Software categories.


Best Helpdesk Software for G Suite Users

Hiver is the world’s first helpdesk built for Google Workspace. Hiver helps teams deliver fast and empathetic customer service, right from the tool they are already familiar with - Gmail. Learn more about Hiver.

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91 Employees
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Help Desk Software

Create a stunning, professional website for free with Wix website builder. We offer a few different ways you can build your site: Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, & Wix Code. Whether you're creating a site for the first time or you're a pro, we've got.. Learn more about Wix.

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5,131 Employees
134K Subscribers

Help Desk Software

Freshworks' cloud-based customer support software, Freshdesk, makes customer happiness refreshingly easy. With powerful features, an easy to use interface, and a freemium pricing model, Freshdesk enables companies of all sizes to provide a seamless multi-channel.. Learn more about Freshdesk.

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7,948 Employees
6,930 Subscribers

Help Desk Software

Zendesk was started in a Copenhagen loft by three friends who used an old kitchen door as a desk. They wanted to bring a bit of zen to the chaotic world of customer support. And they wanted to do it with software that was nice to look at and easy to use. Since then,.. Learn more about Zendesk.

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4,449 Employees
15K Subscribers

Help Desk Software

LiveAgent has been on the market since 2004, helping thousands of companies across different industries improve their customer service. Overall, LiveAgent has served over 30,000 companies and over 150 million end-users worldwide. The software is the #1 rated and most.. Learn more about LiveAgent.

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ProProfs Help Desk

Help Desk Software

ProProfs Help Desk is a customer service tool that allows agents to effectively track and resolve user requests and issues. Businesses today increasingly use a cloud-based help desk ticketing system due to its plethora of benefits. Its shared inbox feature helps agents.. Learn more about ProProfs Help Desk.

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Help Desk Software

SolarWinds: We Make IT Look Easy The job of the technology professional is hard. Technology is pervasive, complex and always changing. End users can be demanding, and businesses need constant access to an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications and infrastructure... Learn more about SolarWinds .

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2,435 Employees
20K Subscribers
Zoho Desk

Help Desk Software

Founded in 1996, Zoho Corporation is the software company behind three great brands: Zoho, ManageEngine and WebNMS. Zoho offers beautifully smart software to help you grow your business. With over 50 million users worldwide, Zoho's 45+ products aid your sales and.. Learn more about Zoho Desk.

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Help Desk Software

Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution that actually helps more than 7500 SMB, mid-market, and business clients worldwide. Freshservice is designed, using ITIL best practice, to help IT organizations to focus on what’s.. Learn more about Freshservice.

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Hubspot Service Desk

Help Desk Software

Keep track of customer requests so your team can stay organized, easily prioritize work, and find solutions for customers faster. Learn more about Hubspot Service Desk.

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Written by Lauren Ketchell on 08 April 2021

Whether customer-facing or IT-focused, help desk software streamlines communications and provides a handy ticketing system for handling queries. Much of the software available is similar to CRM software, only focused more on processing information and queries than on tracking customers.

Here are some of the best help desk software solutions available in 2021, divided into categories for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. You’ll find more choices in the latter two categories, in part because help desk software tends to become more useful with a larger number of requests.

Small businesses

  • Help Scout
    With a presence in over 140 countries, Help Scout seeks to better assist companies worldwide. Personalized live chat, team management software, and multiple integrations make Help Scout an excellent choice for any business size. Additionally, Help Scout helps your team work better by offering support, classes, and training to better improve your help desk. An informative knowledge base and team inboxes round out this handy program that is simple to use. Help Scout helps keep your team on track and educated to ensure your customers get the very best of care with each query.

  • Zoho Desk
    Zoho has worked for several decades to build up a worldwide presence that focuses on customer service software. Part of the broader Zoho family of SaaS solutions, Zoho Desk focuses on facilitating meaningful, quality conversations between help desks and clients. Once started, tickets can even be monitored from a phone, making Zoho Desk uniquely accessible. With a global support network, problems can be solved around the clock, ensuring that your customers and team are happy and satisfied.

    This cloud-based program offers 2 different pricing options based on business size and support features. Whether you’re a small business or a large business, Zoho Desk can help manage your help desk software so customer questions are answered quickly and efficiently.

Mid-sized businesses

  • Zendesk
    Appropriately named for its soothing features and natural design, Zendesk hopes to bring some zen and peace to the chaotic world of the help desk. Zendesk emphasises listening to your customers; they make that easy for small businesses to implement for their customers, and they also do it themselves, offering a helpful customer service team that focuses on building relationships to keep customers returning again and again.

    With an organized ticketing system that in turn helps the rest of the help desk run smoothly, Zendesk provides support and assistance in what can be a complex area. Knowing that not everyone enjoys phone calls, Zendesk also features a convenient messaging system that can be either automated or personalized. Zendesk truly seeks to know its customers and provide help desk support for businesses that are looking to organize and build relationships with their customers.

  • Freshdesk
    With over 40,000 customers and rave reviews, Freshdesk is an excellent choice for help desk software. Ticketing is simple, and options available include canned responses, thank you’s, and the ability to prioritize tickets. With an emphasis on support and helping customers, Freshdesk was designed with the customer and the help team in mind.,br. Overall, Freshdesk is a simple, scalable cloud-based system that is easy to use and full of capabilities to help improve your team’s productivity.

  • ProProfs Help Desk
    ProProfs seeks to ensure customer satisfaction with a simple-to-use, cloud-based system. With over 1 million users, ProProfs goal is to build a system that will last a century. Their wide range of products and services, all of which slot together nicely to build a comprehensive help desk solution, help keep a business productive and customers happy. Their smart reports are exceptionally helpful in determining customer needs and satisfaction. With a 15-day free trial and reasonable prices, ProProfs provides a powerful help desk solution designed to take the pain out of the help desk experience.

  • Hubspot Service Desk
    Looking for a simple service desk program? Hubspot may be the one for you. By promising to resolve customer issues more quickly with software, Hubspot seeks to “turn customers into promoters”. To that end, they’ve kept their platform simple and streamlined, offering help desk users a variety of tools to organize, process, and track communication. HubSpot provides a blend of automated and live chat, along with an organized system that keeps everything in one place.

Enterprise help desk software

  • SolarWinds
    One of the older help desk software out there, SolarWinds has experience and knowledge that few other companies can beat. By focusing specifically on IT services, SolarWinds has found a niche and capitalized on it. While it lacks some of the customer-focused features found in other programs, as an IT help desk solution for tracking and resolving IT-related issues SolarWinds stands out. It is easily scaled to any business size and includes excellent performance analysis tools that check not just the internal system but also security and consumer satisfaction. SolarWinds is a solid choice for assisting technology professionals with help desk software.

  • Freshservice
    Freshservice focuses on large-scale IT management. Easy to set up and use, Freshservice can be easily customized, and provides an Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) resource designed to power your IT management. It also offers the usual range of ticketing, tracking, and reports.

    Freskdesk and Freshservice are both parts of the Freshworks family, but with subtly different focuses. Freshdesk provides a customer-oriented help desk approach for small businesses, while Freshservice aims to help enterprises with dedicated IT solutions.

  • Kayako
    A wide range of team sizes swears by Kayako, from startups to Fortune 500 companies and more. Kayako works worldwide in a variety of different languages, making them an excellent choice if your business focuses on different countries. They offer a personalized service that is easy to use and kept all in one place. A proactive service that helps your team know the issue before the chat begins allows each ticket to be serviced efficiently. A customer self-help knowledge base and the ability to see real time customer activity round out this clever piece of help desk software.

  • Hostech Support
    Hostech Support offers competitive rates for 24/7 technical support. With a comprehensive support network that offers not just help desk support, but also web development and mobile applications, Hostech has many applicable features that integrate perfectly with help desk software. With a wide range of support plans available, Hostech lets you choose the best one that fits your needs.


Determine whether your business requires a help desk solution to better track and handle internal IT issues, or if you need a customer-oriented solution for tracking requests. In either case, you’ll find a solution that works for you on this list of help desk software providers.