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What is OnePageCRM?

OnePageCRM is the 1st action-focused sales CRM that helps small and medium-sized businesses stay in control of their sales. Focus on what needs to be done next, follow up with every lead, keep the team on the same page, and close more deals, one sales action at a time.

As an SMB, you can't waste time on building pretty charts, you need something that would help you sell, every moment, every day. OnePageCRM operates on strictly no-clutter policy and offers only the features that will help small and medium-sized businesses sell and, ultimately, grow. And with all the contact information, including deals, notes, calls, and updates, on one scrollable page, the whole team is always up-to-date and can take action.

Save time and automate your admin and data entry with OnePageCRM's powerful sales automation features. Generate leads in a click from any web page with OnePageCRM Chrome Extension. Reap the CRM benefits on the go with iOS and Android mobile apps.

Integrate with your favorite apps like Gmail & Outlook365, Mailchimp & Mailchimp forms, Unbounce, Wufoo, Xero, Help Scout, Evernote, Google Apps, Zapier, and more!

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OnePageCRM Key Features

Next Action Sales

One-Page Contact Management

Log calls, notes & deals

Pipeline Management: Kanban & Forecast

Bulk Email Send & Email Templates

Native iOS and Android apps

Integrated Sales Quotes

Custom Activity Reports

Automated one-click lead generation

World-Class Support and Training

What is OnePageCRM?

OnePageCRM Product Details

OnePageCRM is the world's first action-focused CRM. Built on the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity principle, it helps sales teams focus on what needs to be done next and take action.

Main features:

Action-based sales: Focus on the task at hand, follow up with every lead, and build client relationships that last.

Contact management: Log calls and notes, add deals, set Next Actions. All you need to close a contact is on one scrollable page.

Pipeline management: Create a deal in a couple of clicks, switch between Kanban and Forecast views, predict revenue, and monitor your performance against the set targets.

Bulk Email Send & custom email templates

Quick quotes: Build and send sales quotes in 37 seconds

Lead Clipper: Generate leads from Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, Xing and any other web page in a click, with contacts automatically added to your account.

Automatically enhance contacts with social data

Custom reports: Regularly delivered to your inbox!

Mobile apps (Android & iOS)

OnePageCRM Support & Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering world-class customer support.
We don’t believe in bots or one-size-fits-all answers.
We call where others would email. We jump on a screenshare where others would send a link to ‘Help’.
We don’t do marketing, we do word-of-mouth! So our happy clients are, in fact, our best sales assets.

You can see what they have to say about us here:

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OnePageCRM Pricing

$12/month per user ($11 if paid annually) More details here:

Free 21-day trial is available here:

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15 Reviews

Last reviewed on
09 June 2020

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Brilliant CRM Tool. I'm an action orientated person always looking for the "Next Action" I can take to further my business.
Now I've found OnePage CRM I'm in heaven.
The bonus is that my business partner and I can share the info on screen and know who's taking charge of what.
Within 3 days of the trial I no longer looked at my old Access database, in fact that was a month ago and I've not opened my Access database since.
I would unreservedly recommend this CRM to any person wanting to build or grow their business.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I've been an ACT user for almost 20 years. After months of research, I switched over to OnePageCRM. I have only been using it for the past few weeks but I'm blown away at the simplicity and yet the number of amazing features that will add to my sales and customer relationships. The action stream and "next action" is the key to keeping on top of leads. I am just getting started with the app integrations and can't wait to see the results.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I compared 11 CRM systems before deciding OnePageCRM was the CRM system we needed. It's not only easy to use, but I can remotely see what everyone in our team is up to and where our sales are at. We love the ability to progressively notate any deal, easily attach documents and emails, and to logically progress deals. However, the biggest thing we love is the Action stream that always tell us what's next on our to do list.

From a management angle, it's very easy to see what sales revenues we should be expecting in the near future. I know many of these things are standard on most CRM's, but OnePage is just so easy to use and there's lots of nice little touches, like the auto web search for a contact or company's details. Also, they keep in touch personally to make sure we're happy with using the system and to check if we have any queries. I did a lot of homework before choosing OnePage and it is definitely a "5 star" experience for us.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I've been using OnePageCRM for a couple of years and its the BEST! The program keeps me on track with my sales leads and communicating with my clients. Its very easy to use, both on my Computer and on my Mobile Phone. I would write leads on a piece of paper, what a waste. And now with OnePageCRM, its just click of a button and I can add information on a potential client or communicate with existing clients.

When it comes to their customer relations I rate them 5-STARS. If I have a question or issue I can chat live or if I leave them a message, their response time is awesome.

When it comes to the product. They are always adding new features or updating the program. And when it comes to training and how to use the product they do a very good job with videos and notes.

If your looking for A GREAT CRM! OnePageCRM is the best.
Trust me, I have tried others and just wasted my money.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I recently got back into sales after working other positions at my company for many years. I was really struggling with lists, and priorities, and bringing accurate reports to meetings. I tried a few other options before I found OnePageCRM, but none of them compared to this. OnePage has not only helped with my organization and stress of managing everything, but it has helped make sales a little more fun. It is clean, and easy to use. It seamlessly syncs across my laptop, tablet, and phone. I couldn't like it anymore than I do. It is perfect.

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Friday, April 10, 2020

I've been using CRM for over 5 years now. It is a GREAT tool to use that keeps me on track with my business. Other associates have asked me how and why I've been so successful with my business. I told them because I use CRM. Last year they asked me to give a presentation on CRM and our conference. I believe quite a few people signed up for it. It's a "must have" if you're doing business. I can't imagine not having it.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

OnePageCRM grew my business and changed out company's culture for the better. This is a terrific, easy to use, well-supported software product/service. The OnePageCRM support team is THE most supportive, friendly and effective group that I have ever worked with.

If you are new to CRM or (like me) have been thru several different CRM options you will find OnePageCRM and their very intuitive UX easy and powerful. After years of trying multiple CRM software platforms, our team has totally embraced OnePageCRM and our business has grown significantly as a result. CRM software is the holy grail for small to medium size businesses to compete.

OnePageCRM and their very human support experience provide an easy way for any size business to add, implement and integrate CRM into their business and grow and profit as a result. I highly recommend OnePageCRM and encourage anyone to try it and see for themselves the powerful benefits of working with this great product and great team.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We have been using OnePage for the last 4 months and LOVE IT! We did way to many trials and looked at over 20 CRM's. OnePage had everything we needed, without all the bloat.

I am actually embarrassed we waited as long as we did to get a CRM. This has made us SO much more efficient. My personal favorite is the action stream!

The entire CRM is very user friendly, and we love using the app on our tablets (and phones when needed). And then there are the filters...WOW, so powerful, easy and useful! I am hoping OnePage stays true to what they are, and stays affordable. If they do that, we are lifers.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

I love getting things done! With OnePageCRM I know what I need to do next with my leads or existing customers. And with the Action Stream and pipeline view, my team also knows what they need to do to move the sale forward. If you're looking for an easy to use CRM system, have a look at OnePageCRM. I know you will be amazed by what you can do with it. Thanks for making my sales life a little bit less stressful :D

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I've tested what seems to be every CRM out there. (At least 20 !) When I really prioritized what's important to get from a CRM, OnePage was my final choice.

Its easy to configure to the way in which you do business. It has a very user-friendly, uncomplicated interface. (Otherwise, who would want to use it?!) It has a totally useful mobile interface, and most importantly, lets you focus on moving your prospects through to closure. (And then lets you stay in touch!) I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to get their lives and/or businesses in order! Oh... and I am recommending this to my own clients as well!

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