CRM Success Stories: How CRM Software Helped Grow these Businesses

Written by Zoe Stimpson on 08 December 2020

CRM Success Stories: How CRM Software Helped Grow these Businesses

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) promises a lot - improved communication, better customer retention, even new potential clients. But is a CRM worth it? Can it really deliver? Perhaps you’re a small business wondering whether the monthly expense of CRM is going to pay off in the long run. Maybe you’re using a CRM program and not seeing any improvement in your business and you’re concerned that it’s not worth the money.

Whether you’re a small business that’s floundering and looking to make a change, a large business needing inspiration, or a brand new business trying to pick out the best way forward, here are the success stories you need to hear about the value of CRM.

Many of these CRM success stories are from big, worldwide companies, since these companies learned quickly just how much CRM was needed for their business. Because CRM benefited them, they became household names. If CRM could work for them, it too can work for you!

McDonalds is a world-wide legend. From humble beginnings as a hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California to millions of burgers eaten every day across the globe, this is the ultimate success story.

Nearly a decade ago, McDonalds began using a CRM to track and hopefully improve customer satisfaction ratings on both the national and franchise level. The CRM helped them improve real time reporting, both in the restaurants and in their call centers, all to better track specific customer information from their American restaurants.

Has it worked? Indeed. Since choosing their all-inclusive CRM over seven years ago, McDonalds has grown even more. Better information flow, facilitated through their CRM, allowed the company to deal with customer relationship issues early and prevent small problems from becoming big ones. As McDonald’s Head of Customer Satisfaction has stated, “CRM [is a] critically important function for any large company.” Take it from the guys who sell over 69 million meals to people worldwide everyday; they know the importance of an inclusive CRM for their restaurant brand.

Boise Office Solutions
Boise Office Solutions sells office products directly to businesses, and while the B2B model isn’t one that always succeeds with a CRM program, they are an exception. They have succeeded because their CRM program focuses on an IT strategy to complete their customer’s needs. They believe that by having IT know the ins and outs of each product, they can more effectively take out what does fit, leaving only products that customers will want and need.

They state, “Don't lose sight of your customers when implementing technology strategies. Boise's CRM initiative would not be a success if we had inconvenienced our customers. Because we applied new technology to our two largest customer channels, phone and Web, it was paramount that both remain fully functional.”

While every business can’t always spend $25,000 on a CRM, Boise’s CRM experience does go to show that customer retention is definitely worth the value, making theirs a valuable crm success story.

This popular management website is easy to use and easy to understand. But to get there, Asana hired a CRM to better communicate with their customers through email and social media. Rather than using several different programs, Asana opted for one specific package to help handle customer queries and responses, and thus to provide the info they needed to improve their product.

What have they noticed? They use their CRM to “ to read and track every piece of customer feedback, which makes the support team instrumental in building a product road map that delivers what customers really want.” As a result, Asana has a consistent, supportive team that helps its customers and delivers exactly what they need every time. During a time when more and more people are working online, Asana has seen growth and thrived when many other companies would have failed without a suitable CRM.

CRM Success Stories for You

In each of the above cases, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) didn’t let companies reinvent the wheel. Introducing a CRM package didn’t transform basic processes; instead, CRM software let each company manage those processes far more smoothly and efficiently. By so doing, CRM gave each company increased room to grow and expand, reaching new clients and refining existing processes.

Every business will have different needs when it comes to the best CRM software, but there is almost certainly one out there that will suit your needs. Since each company is so different, finding what is best for yours may take some experimenting, but as these CRM) success stories show, the upside is almost limitless.